Board of Directors, Regional Representatives, & Staff

Board of Directors, Regional Liaisons, Employees

NPAM is a group who endeavours to educate employers, nurses, the public, regulators, students, and labor unions about

nurse practitioners to ensure the delivery of safe quality patient care.

Board of Directors:

Chair – Ashley Pylypowich, NP –
Vice-Chair – vacant
Director of Finance – Cathy Scofield-Singh, NP 
Director of Media & Marketing – Nicole Walsh, NP
Director of Membership & Member Benefits – Kendall Hobbs-Murison, NP
Director of Continuing Education – Lyndsay Palsson, NP
Conference Chairs – Brenda Shoenborn, NP & Laura Hill, NP

Student Liaisons:

Karla Funk (University of Athabasca)
Bonn Alvarez (University of Manitoba – 2nd Year)
Michelle Mark (University of Manitoba – 1st Year)
Vacant (University of Saskatchewan)

Regional Liaisons:

Interlake-Eastern – Andrea Smith, NP
Prairie Mountain – Heather Hollinda, NP
Northern – Nicole Threinen, NP
Southern – Christy Seniuk, NP
Winnipeg – Nicole Bennett, Danyel Reimer, Jacqueline Robert
Non-RHA, contract, private practice - Jennifer Ardiel, NP


Chief Executive Officer – Cindy Fehr, NP –
Executive Assistant – Nicole Mann –