2021 Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba Annual General Meeting

Official Notification of the

Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba

Annual General Meeting 2021


The Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held on:
Thursday, November 18th at 6:30pm - Nurse Practitioner Day in Manitoba!

This AGM is open to NPAM Members ONLY

This AGM will be held online via Zoom. To attend you must register here:


Call for Resolutions, Nominations, Volunteers

With our AGM comes the call for resolutions, proposed amendments to the Bylaws, nominations for Board positions, and a call for volunteers.

Resolutions & Bylaw Amendments:
Each year members can put forward recommendations for Bylaw amendments or resolutions. These are officially circulated before the AGM and then voted on during the AGM.  Please use the following format for submitting resolutions and proposed Bylaw amendments:

  • Title of resolution/Bylaw amendment
  • Motion: succinct sentence reflecting what you want to propose/change
  • Who is submitting the resolution/Bylaw amendment?
  • Rational: background for resolution/Bylaw and any references needed so members understand why they should vote for/against the proposal

Examples from previous AGMs can be found by going to the Teams section of our website (you must be logged in to see this page)




NPAM work cannot be done by just a very few. To continue moving forward with strategic priorities and advocating with stakeholders and the public to bring awareness of the value NPs bring to the healthcare system we need your help. Please seriously consider volunteering for one of the open Board positions or committees. The following positions will be open for nomination:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Director of Membership & Member Benefits
  • Director of Continuing Education
  • Regional Liaisons
    • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
    • Southern Health/Sante Sud
    • Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
  • Student Liaisons
    • Athabasca University
    • University of Saskatchewan


As the only organization in Manitoba that employs NPs to educate the public and stakeholders about NPs, and advocate for NP practice in Manitoba we rely on strong leadership from our board of directors to drive change and achieve our missions, and to be active advocates and ambassadors for the NP role in Manitoba.

Our board terms last for two years and board members can serve for up to four consecutive terms depending on the position. You will be required to attend a monthly meeting (held on the 2nd Monday of every month from 8-9pm via Zoom).

If you are interested in putting your name forward, please contact any executive member or send us an email at npam@nursepractitioner.ca. Remember, together we are stronger and more effective.