NPAM Scholarships & Awards

NPAM Student Scholarships & Awards of Excellence

We will also be presenting our annual NPAM Awards during our online AGM.

Consider nominating an NP colleague for one of the following or applying for a student scholarship!


Award of Excellence

Nominate a colleague or mentor in one of the following 4 categories: 

  • Clinical Care
    NPs who have demonstrated excellence in direct care delivery in any clinical setting.
  • Leadership
    NPs who have led, advanced, and/or strengthened the Nurse Practitioner role, either as a profession or in the delivery of patient care within and beyond their own healthcare facility.
  • Research
    NPs whose research demonstrates a real or potential opportunity to impact patient, provider and/or system outcomes as well as the discipline of Nurse Practitioner.
  • Mentoring/teaching
    NPs who have provided positive professional influence, guidance, and support to other NPs in an educational, professional development, and/or long-term learning environment. 

NP Student and Doctoral Studies Scholarships

NPAM will award 3 scholarships valued at $250 each. Ideally, the breakdown would be a 1st year, 2nd year, and Doctoral studies, however, allocation may change dependent upon applications received.

The scholarships will be awarded to active student NPAM members enrolled in NP studies at a recognized post-secondary institution. 

Application forms for all awards can be found here: 


Deadline for submission is October 29th, 2021 at NOON.  Please send completed applications to

Selection Process: Reviewed by the NPAM Awards Committee

Good luck to all who apply or are nominated!