Dr. Peter Lin


Dr. Peter Lin is the Director of Primary Care Initiatives at the Canadian Heart Research Centre.  He has a busy family practice in Toronto, Canada.  He is also a contributing author to the Canadian Diabetes Guidelines 2013 and 2018 on the vascular protection section. He is also Associate Editor for the Elsevier WebPortal – Practice Update Primary Care. Dr. Lin is also the health columnist for CBC TV and Radio and has been actively tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic since the beginning.  He has also been working on virtual care for patients in primary care.

Dr. Jonathan Gabor MD, FRCPC


Dr. Jonathan Gabor is a specialist in general internal medicine with post-graduate subspecialty training and expertise in several areas of cardiometabolic disease, including heart failure, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, obesity pharmacotherapy, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and obstructive sleep apnea. He is board-certified in obesity from the American Board of Obesity Medicine, a Specialist in Clinical Hypertension from the American Society of Hypertension, and a Specialist in Heart Failure from the European Society of Cardiology. He continues to participate in knowledge dissemination and guideline development, serving on subcommittees of the Canadian Heart Failure Society, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Obesity Canada, the U.S. National Lipid Association, the European Society of Cardiology, the advisory board of the U.S. Cardiometabolic Health Congress, and the guidelines development committee of Hypertension Canada. He is one of the authors of the national hypertension 2020 guidelines update, including the chapter on the diagnosis and management of resistant hypertension. He is a member of the national scientific committee of Obesity Canada and the Chair of its Winnipeg chapter. Dr. Gabor is a representative of the Canadian NASH network, a national collaboration of health care professionals interested in advocacy, education, and clinical research in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Lastly, he is also a member of the scientific committee of the 2022 Canadian Cardiovascular Harmonized Guidelines Endeavour, with the mandate to harmonize and combine the numerous national guidelines, including those about obesity, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and heart failure.

Dr. Rose Giammarco MD, FRCPC


•Dr. Giammarco is a graduate of McMaster University Medical School. She completed her training in Neurology at the University of Toronto
•She is an Associate Clinical Professor with Hamilton Heath Sciences and holds a full-time staff position at St Josephs Healthcare Hamilton. Dr Giammarco is the Founder and Director of the Hamilton Headache Clinic.
•Her affiliations include Director and Secretary of the Canadian Headache Society. She presently is co chair of the Neurology Residents National Headache Course. She is actively involved in teaching of medical students, residents, family physicians and community neurologists in the field of Headache Medicine.
•Dr Giammarco has authored and coauthored numerous publications in the field of Headache Medicine, in addition to participating in numerous headache research trials.


Dr. Zieroth

Heart Failure

Dr. Zieroth is a Cardiologist at the St. Boniface Hospital (SBH) in Winnipeg, Canada, and Professor of Medicine at theh University of Manitoba. In this role she is the Director of SBH Heart Failure and Transplant Clinics and Heads the Medical Heart Failure Program. She attended medical school at the University of Manitoba and completed a Postdoctoral Clinical Fellowship, specializing in Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant, at the Toronto General Hospital.
Her research interests examine the efficacy of new treatments in heart failure. She is Past President of the Canadian Heart Failure Society, co-chair of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Heart Failure Guidelines, and is the co-chair of the Heart Failure Update (Canada). She has co-authored >127 publications.

Ginette Poulin



Ginette Poulin, RD, MD, CCFP(AM), FCPC, CISAM, CCPE, CMCBT Dr. Poulin is a Family Physician, an Addictions Medicine expert, a Certified Canadian Executive Physician Leader, a Registered Dietitian and a former professional dancer; whom after having ventured to various provinces and countries to pursue her studies, returned to her home province of Manitoba. She contributes both professionally and personally to the well-being of Manitobans through education, health services, advocacy, leadership, research and community development. She not only volunteers her time with boards locally, provincially, and nationally, but can be found anywhere across the province helping, teaching, mentoring and problem solving for the benefit of others. Covid has been a time of high need and stress in healthcare, but that hasn’t stopped Dr. Poulin from developing and offering additional support for addictions treatment as well as ways to minimize the spread of COVID throughout the province. Dr. Poulin’s dedication and passion to improving services and health outcomes are unparalleled. Her high energy is magnetizing and has captured the hearts of many. She is focused on inspiring meaningful change particularly in stigmatized and vulnerable domains. Through her hard work and devoted efforts, she hopes to contribute to a more equitable Canada for all.

Darryl Robinson

Darryl Robinson

Financial Planning

Darryl Robinson, CFP, R.F.P., R.S.W., PRP is a fee-only financial planner specializing in personal financial planning, retirement planning, and financial education services. He has been providing independent planning advice for over 30 years and is also a Registered Social Worker and Professional Retirement Planner.
His diverse background in both counselling and planning has provided unique insights into the issues surrounding retirement planning - especially the importance of balancing financial and lifestyle considerations. He consults widely and speaks frequently addressing financial planning topics ranging from personal financial management to retirement and severance planning issues. He has designed and delivered workshops and seminars to thousands of employees and has delivered numerous professional development seminars to financial and retirement advisors at national and local conventions.

Megan Kroeker

Integrative medicine

Megan Kroeker is a resilient, driven, passionate woman that doesn’t accept the status quo when it comes to health. She is a nurse practitioner and Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Provider (IFMCP). Megan has her own virtual private functional medicine practice, works as a coach within Jenn Pike’s “The Hormone Project”, and also works in a publicly funded Family Health Team in Dryden, Ontario, as a nurse practitioner. Her strongest areas of interest are women’s hormones and gut health.
Megan is a critical thinker that loves to look for bigger solutions that don’t fit a simple algorithm. Her approach involves various lifestyle interventions, including diet, exercise and mindset to achieve an optimal level of health. Megan is a strong proponent for optimizing health and not accepting feeling unwell or “okay” as good enough.
Megan knows that each individual’s situation is unique, and we all have individual challenges that need to be addressed. We have the opportunity to be resilient and bounce back, learning and growing from these situations.
Megan has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge with her clients so they can also up-level their health and feel their best! Megan is an avid runner, loves being in the kitchen and spending time outdoors with her family, surrounded by nature.

Dylan Benstead


Dylan Benstead' graduated in 2018 with his Bachelor of Nursing degree. Most recently, he has completed his Master of Nursing - Nurse Practitioner Stream at the University of Manitoba in the class of 2022. He has held a variety of nursing roles primarily in perioperative and high risk anesthesia nursing. His relatively new NP role has been at the QuickCare Clinic in Steinbach seeing patients for acute episodic complaints. Since 2019, Dylan has operated a private practice focused on Aesthetics.