Membership Benefits

Membership is available for anyone supporting accessible and effective healthcare by nurse practitioners to the public of Manitoba.

Biggest Achievements Not Always Visible

Some of the big behind the scenes work include design and development of communications (newsletters), a website, a member portal, strategic planning, fiscally responsible management of finances, and organizational operations.  Administratively, letters, presentations, fact sheets, information sheets, and policy briefs to engage or educate stakeholders occur.  Policy is developed to support the governance structure for a non-profit corporation with a board of directors.  Regular meetings with leaders and stakeholders have placed NPAM in a position of recognition for NP leadership in Manitoba and Canada.  NPAMs early collaboration with decision makers, policy developers, and legislators has provided NPs in Manitoba with the broadest autonomous legislated scope of practice in Canada.

NPAM contributions to support NPs:

  • NPAM is the only nursing organization in Manitoba that is governed & employs active practicing NPs (NPs representing NPs)
  • 2017 Incorporated as a non-profit for governance structure
  • 2017 Canada Income act amended to include NPs
  • 2017 Canada Labor Code amendments to include NPs
  • 2016 Member portal & new website development – updated regularly
  • 2016 Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation includes NPs
  • 2015 CAAPN conference in Winnipeg
  • 2014 NP Now Campaign in partnership with CNA delivered in Manitoba
  • 2014 The health Services Insurance & Hosp Act (Admitting Privileges)- Bill 28
  • 2013 The NP Day Act – Bill 203 – Nov. 18th proclaimed NP Day
  • Amended Federal legislation for CDSA prescribing
  • 2013 Amended Provincial legislation for NPs to order MRIs
  • 2012 Amended Provincial legislation to order Prosthetic, Orthotics, & Devices
  • 2011 Amended Bodily Injury Regulation (MPI) to include NPs
  • 2011 Elimination of the drug list, expansion of prescribing in NP regulation
  • 2009 Additional drugs (influenza) included in the NP regulation
  • 2008 Amended Provincial NP regulation for NP title protection
  • 2005 NP Provincial regulation passed in the RN Act
  • 2000 NPAM established
  • 1999 University of Manitoba first NP student intake
  • Rx Files online access free to members
  • Access to the latest NP information, job postings, & education updates
  • Reduced conference registration fees
  • Student awards available for 1st, 2nd & doctoral students
  • Student resources available to study for the NP exam

Infrastructure Investment

NPAM has built administrative structures to ensure continuity and growth for the future.  The continuity in an executive director and assistant enhances stakeholders and member engagement with consistency in seeking or obtaining information required to improve NPs or NPAM.  NPAM has also invested in administrative supports such a Zoom Video Conferencing technology so that all members from any region of Manitoba can attend meetings.  NPAM has invested in a digital tool, Member365, for the growing membership and administration processes required to manage a larger group of members in communications, renewal, and events.  These investments in infrastructure are key for NPAMs continued growth in leadership to represent NPs in Manitoba.  Your support in renewing your NPAM membership annually has led to significant accomplishments for NPs in Manitoba.