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vaccine hesitancy

Vaccine Hesitancy Education and Resources

Vaccine Education Program

In spring 2021, in collaboration with the Manitoba Health Care Professional Associations Coalition, ARNM, and SpiritRx, NPAM submitted a letter of intent for the Immunization Partnership Fund. The project is titled “Vaccine education program: Building capacity for rural and remote vaccination and vaccine promoters“. The proposal was successful and this project has received funding.

The proposed program recognizes that ensuring that vaccine education and training is provided to healthcare providers (HCP) in rural and remote areas in Canada can be especially challenging. Due to geographical location and distances, in addition to social distancing or travel restrictions, conventional education programs such as classes and workshops are not accessible. An interactive education program is required.

Supporting vaccine capacity as vaccinators and promotors is essential to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake, more so in rural and remote regions due to the disproportionate burden of disease. In order to build capacity of HCPs as vaccinators or enhance their knowledge and skills as vaccine promoters in rural and remote areas, the proposed program includes the development of virtual simulation experiences (VSE) that are primarily targeted to the 11 Manitoba-wide HCPs group coalition including First Nations community health representatives in Manitoba.

Vaccine Resources

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Vaccine Hesitancy Guide

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Science Up First

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national collaborating centre for indigenous health

NCCIH COVID-19 Resources

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First Nations Health Authority (BC)

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