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The champions of nurse practitioner policy and practice to support and advance safe quality patient care.

Who we are

Established in 1999, the Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba is a of group of nurse practitioners who endeavor to educate employers, nurses, the public, regulators, students, and labor unions on the nurse practitioner role to ensure the delivery of safe quality patient care.

Our Mission

Championing and Supporting Nurse Practitioners in Manitoba

  • CRNM practice directions and expectations consultations affecting nurse practitioners
  • MNU contract negotiation proposals and nurse practitioner reclassification consultations
  • Provincial Ministry of Health COVID-19 and nurse practitioner role consultations
  • Shared Health surgery wait time and innovative nurse practitioner models of care consultations
  • Allergan nurse practitioner approved scope to order pharmaceuticals

Nurse Practitioner numbers count! A membership provides a strong message that nurse practitioners support nurse practitioners for stakeholders who inquire as to how many members NPAM has

NPAM directly collaborates with nurse practitioners/ nurse practitioner students, nurse employers, the Manitoba Nurses Union, legislators, nurse regulators, the public, and post-secondary education institutes to address strategic health advice or priority policy for or about nurse practitioners.

See our education and events page.

What We Provide

NPAM membership supports the advancement of nurse practitioner policy and practice in Manitoba.

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Nurse Practitioner Numbers Count

Every NPAM membership counts. Only by representing all nurse practitioners in Manitoba will NPAM be able to effectively support and negotiate on their behalf.