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Nurse Practitioner Spotlight

Join us as we illuminate the vital role of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in healthcare. Discover the journey of these dedicated professionals, from the educational path that led them to become NPs to the diverse settings where they practice. Gain insights into the scope of their roles, understanding the pivotal contributions they make in patient care, preventive health, and overall wellness. Join us in celebrating the expertise, compassion, and commitment that define Nurse Practitioners as integral members of the healthcare team.

award of Excellence

“I get great fulfillment from supporting patients during this period of their lives. Our role is uniquely positioned to offer regular and up to hour long appointments for patients, specific to their mental health during the perinatal period. I believe this is hugely beneficial to our patient population. I enjoy having the ability to take the time to work with patients and hopefully to make a positive difference in their lives.”


“My role includes education to colleagues and the military community, participation of committees, and patient safety analysis. Being part of a truly multidisciplinary and supportive team restored my passion for healthcare and nursing.”