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Getting Healthy Campaign


NPAM is pleased to share the Getting Healthy campaign currently being run by Doctors Manitoba!

The pandemic disrupted a lot of our routines, including healthy living and disease
prevention habits. In a 2023 public survey commissioned by Doctors Manitoba, 83% of Manitobans
said they could be doing more to get and stay healthy. Their Getting Healthy campaign
brings an important public awareness message to Manitobans using a clever, positive,
empowering approach. With tips and advice from doctors, Manitobans are encouraged
to take one step towards getting healthy during the month of June.

Visit www.https://gettinghealthy.ca/ for more positive ways to improve your health and
the chance to win terrific prizes.

The public survey found Manitobans believe they aren’t doing nearly enough or could be doing more in the following areas:

  • Physical activity (56% of Manitobans)
  • Managing stress (53%)
  • Getting a good night sleep (50%)
  • Eating well (48%)
  • Catching up on immunizations and medical screenings (19%)

They also found most Manitobans (75+%) are interested in getting more information about healthy living and prevention from a credible source like physicians, and nearly two thirds (63%) wish they had more time to talk to their doctor about what they can do to live a healthier life and prevent diseases and illness.